Friday, October 3, 2008

Get to Work

Day by day I have the joy of showing up to work so I can hear my co-workers discuss politics.  On this great day (day after the VP nominee debate) my co-workers have now been going on for an hour discussing the debate, economy, war, etc.  Each week the discussions get slightly more heated and run on longer and longer.

I can't wait for all of this to be over so maybe some of these jokers can get back to doing the work we are paying them to do.  Unfortunately, my guess is that it probably won't end there.  If McCain wins I'll get to hear about how we are just getting 4 more years of the same.  If Obama wins I'll get to hear about how all of his wonderful change.

In my personal opinion, most of the people in my office are unqualified and should not be debating the topics they are discussing.  How about rather than arguing our energy get to working on some of the bugs in our product so we can keep our jobs?


ryder said...

Since blogging is a much better way to pass the time at work?

James said...

Yes. I'm only disrupting myself and you slackers for reading this at work. These knuckleheads are gathered in the hallway bothering the people that actually are trying to do some work.