Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Vandy Trip Wrap-Up

We had a really good trip down to Starkville over the weekend.  Here are some of my notes:
  • Ran up a ~$500 tab at The Grill Friday night.  Even better than that...JT picked it up.  What a guy!
  • Sweet Tea Vodka is good...no...actually it's awesome.  Thanks Lukey and Vanessa for bringing down your stash.  Shay, next time you mix one up remember to use half water.  And thanks to this drink we actually ran out of bottled water before we ran out of beer at the tailgate.
  • Had a nice setup in The Junction for tailgating.  Big shout out to Devin for taking care of the cooking duties.  Although we didn't get any Luther Burgers, Devin did hook us up with some of his Deebo's Delight burgers.
  • Potato salad from Bulldog Deli is still like ambrosia.
  • Pool + JT + Nunnrey = lots o' water displacement
  • Devin really is a dirty Mexican.  After digging around in the mud to try and find Vanessa's shoes (walking back to get truck after tailgate), he bathed in the water fountain in front of the Comfort Suites.
  • Pork chop and gravy biscuit from Hardee's hits the spot pretty well in the morning while you're hungover.
  • JT and I took a tour of the Little Brown Crackhouse.  It's still pretty much the same, but the flooring in the kitchen has been replaced and they have a dishwashing machine now (that's BS).  Oh yeah, and it smelled like hippies lived there.  And I was a little disappointed that there was nobody over there drinking on a Friday night of a home game.
  • That's what Deebo loves about college girls, man.  He gets older, they stay the same age.
Definitely had a great time and I always enjoy getting back together with the crew.  We should try to make it a yearly thing to make it out to at least one home game.

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ryder said...

A dishwasher? That is BS... Well I guess we had a dishwasher. I think her name was Delisa.