Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Vandy Game Plans

As mentioned back in July some of us are headed to the Vandy game at MSU on October 11. If you haven't already made your plans you've still got time.
  • Shey and I should get to Starkville sometime mid-Friday afternoon (coming from Jackson).

  • JT, Lisa, Nunnrey, Kaci are flying into Memphis with a pitstop in Tunica Thursday night, and they will get up to Starkville on Friday.

  • I now have confirmation that Luke and Vanessa will be West Bound and Down with some of Lukey's sweet tea vodka arriving sometime Friday.

  • Deebo should be headed out as well.

  • I've got reports that Crunk Craig and wife are gonna come hang out as well.

We will be working out some tailgating details in the coming days. I'm hoping Nunnrey will cook us up some of his Luther Burgers.

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DP said...

Kim and I were hoping to be there but alas it was not meant to be. She has her oral boards this weekend and two weekends away from Sam in a row isn't an option... yet.