Friday, February 13, 2009

Don't Mess Up a Good Thing

I was checking out The Reflector and ran across a story titled Sororities suffer stereotypes.  Go ahead and take a minute to read it.

Hey Dummy, what are you trying to accomplish by criticizing one of the most sacred jewels of the college experience?
My advice for the sororities: Modernize with deliberate speed. Gone are the times of Victorian angels of the house. Our country is in desperate need of more Hillary Clintons and fewer Paris Hiltons.
The next time you are riding with that escort on your way to the date party, lean over and whisper into his ear, "So, what's your opinion on Barack Obama's foreign relations policy?"
Which would immediately have your date planning his escape route for the evening.

My advice is take advantage of the situation you are in.  Enjoy the beautiful scenery and friendliness of your female classmates at MSU.  You just don't like the Southern Belles?  You can easily move to many other parts of the US where the girls don't act like that...just don't go messing up the good thing they have at Mississippi State.

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Anonymous said...

I agree with James on this one. What is this idiot thinking? He is definitely out to ruin a good thing. I enjoyed my eye candy while at MSU and have always had a weak spot for girls with loose morals but never....I repeat never have I had a hard-on for a chick reading a Jane Austen novel. What gives????