Friday, February 13, 2009

Starkville Trip Wrap Up

Some random thoughts and comments from our trip to Starkville last weekend:
  • The alumni events would be a lot cooler if they served alcohol (at least at the banquet portion...maybe not so much at the Saturday 8 AM events).
  • You should check out the new Templeton Athletic Academic Center on your next trip.  It's really nice.
  • Everyone seems really excited about our new coach.  He was entertaining when he addressed the alumni association as well.  One of the questions Mullen fielded from the audience was along the lines of, "...anyway you could get Tebow to come with you to MSU..."
  • The Rock Bottom bar needs to do something about the lack of running water in the bathroom.
  • What is the red stuff splattered on the walls in the bathroom at Up Your Alley?  Looks like a crime scene in there.
  • As John already mentioned, why would you stand around on the street (at both of the bars mentioned in the last two bullets) when The Grill is sitting empty 1 block away?  Kids these days.
  • The Mossy Oak store in West Point is not as cool as I remember it. 
  • Speaking of kids these days; some students ended up drinking at our table and we quickly figured out we were all from the Coast.  So they started running through the name game to see if we knew any of the same people and it went something like this:
    Girl: Do you know Person X?
    Us: No
    Girl: Do you know Person Y?
    Us: No
    Girl: Do you know Person Z?
    Us: Look, we're a little bit older than yall.
    Girl: When did you graduate high school?  Like 2000 or 2001?
    Us: Try 92, 96 and 96 (Curtis was with us)
    Girl: Oh
  • You know how much John loves people.  I'm amazed he's so dang friendly after he gets drunk.  John ended up going to eat dinner with two of the kids from the last bullet point minutes after that conversation.  When he got back I asked if he even knew their names...he did not.
  • Some things never get old.  One of the kids from the Coast left her camera on the table and left the bar.  Curtis went ahead and took a couple pics of his rat brain so she'd have something to ponder the next day.  We did eventually find the girl and return her camera...she was ecstatic that we returned it.  Too bad she didn't know it was tainted.
  • You should get involved with your local MSU alumni if you're not already.  Sometimes it's hard for John and I to drink by ourselves at the game watches and I'm sure you've got officers near you that feel the same way.  And if you don't have a chapter...start'll be the president.


John said...

To be fair (to me), it's likely I knew those kids' names that night. I recall you asking me the next morning. About the only thing I remembered from that night was us drinking every BL Lime in Starkville.

James said...

I asked you that night as well after you came stumbling back to that apartment where we (Curtis and me) were playing beer pong with those kids. We won that game by the way (no thanks to me).

And that was probably about an hour before you asked me to take you to Zaxby's for dinner number 3.

John said...

Fair enough. You know beer pong is dirty right? Those balls were caked with germs.