Friday, February 27, 2009

Show and Tell

Since John and James seem to have hard ons for black rifles all of the sudden I figured that I would show mine off. I opted for the full size edition with competition barrel. Right now I am using the post and dot sites and can fill in a 1 inch bullseye from 100 yards out. The handle is removable and the front site folds down if I decide to get optics at some point. The stripped lower is from Olympic Arms with all Colt guts and a Colt upper.

As for me buying a complete rifle, you forget that my wife is a M-16 servce rifle cleaning and repair kit by herself and I am sure that she would be willing to give a few lessons at Founders Day (for a nominal charge of course).

I also picked up this little gem a few weeks ago...

.30 Calibre M1 Carbine circa WWII. I am looking for 30 round clips for this and must say, with the stock folded and shooting from the hip, this thing is awsome. This is the paratrooper edition and I am considering getting a full size M-1 Garand if I can find a deal, not that any of you care.

If anyone wants to go in on say a Sherman or something else big and cool let me know.

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John said...

Colt. I like it. James mentioned the tank, but I think we need to blend in.