Sunday, February 1, 2009

Hotty Toddy Revisited

You may remember a post from November about an Ole Miss guy flagging me down on the highway in my original post called Hotty Toddy.  Today John wanted to swing by Lowe's after hitting the gym this morning.  On our way out of the store, one of the employee's asked how much I'd sell my t-shirt for?  My t-shirt was a Superbowl shirt from last year.  I asked why he would want a year old Superbowl shirt and about that time he also noticed that I had an MSU cap on and said that he went to Ole Miss.  That explained his desire for my t-shirt since he has a man crush on Eli.

Anyway, we were standing out in front of the store and he pointed at his vehicle which was the same Toyota that pulled up next to me in my original posting.  Just can't get away from this guy.  Ole Miss beat up on MSU yesterday and now this dude is hassling us at Lowe's.

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