Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Case in Point

Last night I read a blog article titled 3 Reasons Why Bama Sucks. Well, I made the mistake of sending it to a co-worker that is a die hard Bama fan. Here is part of the reply I got back:

This blogger obviously knows little about college football, past or present.

Alabama football put the SEC on the map. The last few years might have been lean, but things are cyclical, especially in competitive conferences.

During this blogger’s life (when he was 15) Bama defeated Miami in the 1993 Sugar Bowl (34-13) for the undisputed national championship. That Miami team was undefeated, ranked # 1, and the defending national champs. Oh, and they had the Heisman winner at QB. Bama finished the year undefeated even after a grueling SEC schedule which included beating Florida twice.

Not only did I get a good laugh from this, but when I walked by his desk this morning he was watching highlights from the 1993 Sugar Bowl because he was still so angered by the "ignorance" of the blogger.

I think the blogger makes a good point.

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speaking of the SEC...
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