Saturday, July 26, 2008

Random thoughts while working on a Saturday......

*Thanks to all about Zeus. That S.O.B. was a great dog, survived college years and was a good friend while I moved around post college. I will always remember him and appreciate the companionship that a good dog can give.

*Life stinks when you have to work over the weekend, but if you make it a good drinking establishment with wifi, it makes it a little less sucky. Buffalo Wild Wings, Apple Valley has some of the best looking girls that I have every seen (at least on Saturdays). I have been working hard to make sure that I can watch those Raycom games this fall that normally won't be shown up here, but since I have become the Saturday Norm up here, I should get some big screen action. By the way, hot chicks from the Minnesota don't look like garden gnomes, they are pretty good looking. But, if she ain't hot, garden gnome is a good description.

*My work, right now, is dictated about wind providing energy for the work on in the future. To clarify, I do not believe that wind, and solar, is the answer to our energy problems. But, I do believe they play a part, just not at the level that our current polital leaders think they can. And, that should tell you something if a professional in the industry says beware of what your politcians are telling you. Here is the Al Gore Plan for renewable energy; not possible in his time frame and I highly doubt possilble in the our life times, if at all. I personally believe that a balanced plan between coal, nuclear, natural gas, wind, solar, etc. is achievable, but must be within limitations. We cannot achieve, from my current opinion, a carbon neutral world without severe techonological advancements that may or may not be achievable.

*However, we are in an energy crisis and plans like T. Boone Pickens proposals are a possibilty if domestic power energy supplies are considered. T. Boone says that we are the Saudi Arabia of wind, but we are also the Saudi Arabia of coal and if you don't completely trust in the global warming hype, then coal must be part of your energy solution in the future.

*OK, I have been thinking about energy needs of the eastern US long enough (I don't just test 9 Volts, you assholes) and to shift gears, but if you want to actually participate is the work that I am currently doing check out this and call in or come in person, we would love to have you (at least I would to have someone to talk to that I know). Either way, this is a public event and I would love to here some comments from folks that I know are friendly to me since most are hostile because of my work.

*Moving away from work, I must comment on Daniel's weight perceived weight problem. Brother, welcome to the world of the big boy and, GD, appreciate it. I am getting hassled by my doctor, fellows at work, and wife that I need to get healthier. The damned thing about it is that I am happy the way I am. I could lose a couple of lbs. but I have accepted that I will never be in Hollywood shape and that is OK. As long as I can wear the fat boy Hawaiian shirts and be confortable, I am good to go. Dieing early or late makes no difference to me, make your mark known now and all will remember.

*I got an email the other day from my former Choir teacher at BHS, Diane McCarty. I can't tell you how much I miss those days of which she reminded me. It was worry free, I spent a lot of time on the water on good ol' Fang III. Of course that occurred post high school, as well, and I am sure that most who read this would love to get back on the water and let the wind take us away. It is so hard to convince the people up here that letting the wind take you away is such a great feeling. They only understand ice fishing and north woods hunting. As a side note; to fit in I am looking for a northwoods cabin so I can participate in the local entertainment. Those that are interesgted are welcome to let me know so that they are included in seasonal costs or year round rentals.

*My thoughts on the Bulldogs this football season: I expect a bowl game, again, but not much better than 7-5 in the regular season. I will be at the Vandy game if anyone else wants to be there. I am trying to work on a trip to Knoxville for the TN game through work. We are working on a government contract with a company based in Knoxville and am trying my damndest to get a meeting down there the friday before that weekend.

*OK. I have had enough to Summit for the day. I must head over to Wisconsin for some in-law visiting.

*Drunk-blogging is from Buffalo Wild Wings is the best and I hope I wasn't too incoherent.


John said...

You may have just ended Meredith's career. Hope you're happy.

The first I had heard of T. Boone Pickens' plan was when the WSJ published something from him a couple weeks ago. I think it's obvious that our energy future will consist of a number of sources (wind and solar being a part). I also don't think anyone that supports opening up more areas to drilling is suggesting that we "drill our way out of this." (NOTE, I don't think Pickens used those words, but it has come up recently from politicians and Pickens does seem to be on the Peak Oil train). He basically loses me right about here, "On January 20th, 2009, a new President will take office."

To save myself some trouble, there were a couple of responses in the 7/12 WSJ that cover most of my feelings on the matter.

If wind energy were a sensible economic investment, it would not need the lavish federal and state subsidies already in place, or the additional largesse sought by Mr. Pickens. Likewise, if compressed natural gas vehicles are an economically sensible alternative to conventional gasoline-powered vehicles, then no government "master plan" is necessary to deliver them to market. Price signals will induce investors to invest and consumers to buy without government having to lift a finger. The same goes for all the other energy-related research and development for which Mr. Pickens would like the taxpayer to dole out. If that R&D is promising, it will be pursued whether government subsidizes it or not.

Jerry Taylor
Senior Fellow
The Cato Institute

Those who argue that America is addicted to energy are quick to point out that we consume 25% of the world's energy although we are only about 4% of the population. Funny how they fail to point out that we produce 28% of the world's gross domestic product with a mere 4% of population.

Drill more in the U.S., strengthen the dollar, succeed in efforts to stabilize the Middle East, and oil prices will decline. It's not as sexy as the captains of industry saving us or the simplicity of central planning, but unlike those solutions these steps will work.

Greg Blankenship
Illinois Policy Institute
Springfield, Ill.

DP said...

Just say "No" to Drunk Blogging!!