Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Food Safety Advisory

We went down to Nunnrey's over the weekend to enjoy some San Antonio hospitality and bet on the ponies at Retama Park. Nunnrey, being a gracious host, puts out a spread of snacks after we finished up at Retama; candy, chips, Julio's Salsa, etc.

So I'm enjoying some plain corn chips and salsa, but notice after a while that some of these chips taste like Doritos. I asked Nunnrey about it, and was told, "Yeah, I had a bag of Doritos that was almost empty, and dumped the crumbs in there."

Now I have to be wary about the sanctity of the free food over there.

Orange juice almost empty? Dump it in the milk jug.
Didn't finish that can of tuna? Better put the rest in the peanut butter.

To top it off:

We went by our favorite S. A. burrito place on the way out of town. Last year I spotted that they had a bug problem. I told one of the kids working there, and I guess it wasn't that big a deal to him (I guess he's used to them). Well guess what? They still have that bug problem.

Bottom Line:

Watch out when you're eating in S. A., Esé.

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