Thursday, November 13, 2008

Mmmmm... Bacon

While watching TV last night I came across a show counting down the best places to eat fried food... what really started to make my mouth water was the chicken-fried bacon served up at "The Steak House" in Snook, TX. Being a fat ass I have alway dreamed of eating fried bacon becasue as with Old Mil, "it don't get no better than that." I was hoping that a couple of my Phi Alpha Tau brothers there in Texas would make the trip so that I may live vicariously though them. I am not sure where Snook, TX is at but I am pretty sure no matter how far, the drive would be worth it. As an added bonus, the chicken-fried bacon is served with a side of gravy, I can feel the heartattack now.


John said...

Looks like it's about 90 miles away. James, you hungry?

James said...

Sodolak's Original Country Inn

Not sure we have to travel that far. Sounds like some place in East Austin has it if we can get over there without being shot.

John said...

I think I'd rather drive a couple hours out of the way.

While we're talking bacon. I've got the 4 Bacon Salt flavors. I guess it's time for Baconnaise.