Wednesday, November 26, 2008

'Twas the night before Thanksgiving

In the spirit of Thanksgiving I wanted to share some things we should all be thankful for:
  • First and foremost...thick skin and a sense of humor.  Even after Luke and Mike C. broke into the Little Brown Crack House and turned everything upside down I finally caved after a few days of boredom and invited them back over to drink.
  • Flo & Eddie's - It's a shame it burned down.  Here is The Reflector article from 2001 about the fire which happened in the early morning hours on Thanksgiving Day while Luke and I watched from across the street.  Most of us had some great times there while in school.  Tonight make sure you tip your drink in tribute to Flo's.
  • That hot, crazy, naked chick (aka the pre-Cruise Katie Holmes look-alike) that lived across the street from the LBC.  The first time I met her was in the front yard while we were drinking and grilling.  She came over to chat and bummed a beer and a dip.  Two words come to mind: HOT and AWESOME!  You stay classy crazy, naked chick.
  • Nunnrey and Deebo are kind enough to offer assistance and a jacket to the crazy, naked chick while she sits in the middle of Maxwell Street screaming about her pills that her boyfriend just ran off with.  My guess is that it was in the low 40s that evening and hopefully she is thankful for the assistance she received.
  • Nunnrey heard the baby crying and decided to recruit Deebo to check it out to make sure everything was okay at the crazy, naked chick's apartment.
  • Deebo touched her butt.
  • That it really wasn't an earthquake that shook the Cotton District seven years ago.  It was just Nunnrey falling backwards down the stairs and taking all of the hanging pictures with him while Deebo was touching the crazy, naked chick's butt after they heard a baby crying and decided to invite themselves in to the apartment.
I know I'm thankful.  Feel free to share your list as well so I'll at least know John's not the only other person reading this.

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