Sunday, November 23, 2008

JT Rocks

Nice wrap up to the weekend:
  • Our Dawgs were able land a W and break the mind control Arkansas has had over us.
  • While going through my mail yesterday I had a nice surprise package from Minnesota.  It contained our Passports.  Now I'm waiting on JT to update his map.  I had some Hooters last night to celebrate.  Those Daytona wings are pretty damn good.
  • Had an unexpected visit from Mark B. Thursday night.  He was in Houston for some work stuff and he swung up to Austin for the night.  He's got all kinds of exciting news to share...maybe he'll share on the blog so I don't have to steal his thunder.
  • Now I guess off to the grocery store to pick-up some items for the feast later this week.
Anybody have any good or bad info about that AT&T U-verse?  Was thinking about switching over to save a few bucks.

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