Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fat Thompsons Sports Bar

As long as I've been taking Highway 79 from MS to Austin there's been a small bar in Hutto, TX that I've wanted to visit. It's always seemed like a dive of sorts with plenty of motorcycles outside. I think the name and/or ownership has changed over time, but it's currently Fat Thompsons. Stefanie and I decided to stop by there this afternoon.

It doesn't look like they have Coors Light on tap (they do have bottles though). We tried the fried pickles and jalapeno poppers (they have the choice of cheddar of cream cheese filling). The pickles were aight. I also had the Bentley burger. Since we've been watching Man v. Food, Stefanie challenged me to eat it and the tots in 5 min. or less, but I didn't really see the point since we wouldn't have earned any recognition from Fat T's. I did check the clock while I was eating though, and don't think it would have been too difficult.

Anyway, I recommend stopping by if you're in the neighborhood.

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