Sunday, January 4, 2009

Guitar Hero Brokeback Edition

For Christmas, John bought me Guitar Hero World Tour for our Wii.  We've played it a handful of times now and it has provided hours of entertainment.  In the words of Cowboy, I can tear that A$$ up when playing against John.  

Friday night, Nunnrey and Kaci came up for the evening.  After Bama choked and embarrased the SEC, we cranked up GH for Nunnrey to try out.  Here is a pic from the event.  I like to call this Guitar Hero Brokeback Edition.

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Anonymous said...

Well isn't that cute! It reminds me of the song "Dinosaur" by Hank Williams Jr.

Hey man them ain't high heeled sneakers
And they sure don't look like cowboy boots
And that ain't rock and roll you're playin'
And it sure ain't country or rhythym and blues

You're singin' a song about makin' love to your drummer
Well gay guitar-pickers don't turn me on
And we don't all get into Donna Summer
Do you happen to know any old Hank Williams songs