Thursday, January 15, 2009

Poor Excuses

Last night I asked Nunnrey if he was planning on making it out to Founders Day this year.  His first question was when is it and I let him know it's March 28.  Then he wanted to know about who was going.  I pointed him at the blog entry with the latest that I'm aware of and I also threw out some others that would probably be in attendance.  He asked about JT to which I replied I haven't asked him yet, but my guess is no since he just spent a week in MS last month and he's planning a long vacation in May.  Nunnrey's response to that:  I'll go if JT goes.

What are you writing about James?  This isn't that entertaining.  No, it's not, but let me tell you another story about Nunnrey.

Shey and I are going on a Mediterranean cruise on Royal Caribbean in May of this year.  Sidenote: if any of you are interested in going contact me and I'll get you the information.  When I asked Nunnrey if he and Kaci would like to go he immediately asked for the dates.  I told him May 2 - May 9 of 2009.  He asked who was going and I told him: JT, Lisa, Shey, me.  Nunnrey asked me if John and Stef were going and I told him I didn't think so.  Nunnrey then told me if John and Stef go then they'll go.

What sort of response is that?  Let me pick someone not likely to go to hinge my decision on.  If you don't want to go just say no.  If you do want to go then say yes.

Well, Nunnrey....I'm onto your game.  The next time a trip comes up and you ask who else is going I'm going to tell you that no one else is going, but I'm working on X, Y and Z.  Where X, Y and Z are people that are already committed.  When he tells me that he'll go if X goes I'll tell him he's in luck because X just confirmed via text message they are in.

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