Thursday, January 8, 2009

Road Trip: Founders Day 2009

Who can make the trip out for Founders Day this year?  It's on March 28-29.  I slacked and didn't make it in 2008 because of my wedding, but now that's out of the way.  I'm sure the normal things will be planned like the golf tourney and crawfish boil, but this year also happens to be the Lamma centennial celebration so I'm told there will probably be more activities planned.  

My significant other is planning on making the trip out as well, so no reason not to bring yours too.  Some of you guys that will be on my golf team need to start working on your game since you know I won't be.  And Daniel, I still promise that I didn't break your club.  Luke, there might be more quacktastic ducks out at the course if you need a new hood ornament on your cart.


DP said...

I'd like to make it but I think my spring trip is going to be for Super Bulldog Weekend April 18th.

Anyone else planning on that weekend?

James said...

I doubt I'll make it in April since John and I are headed to the Alumni Association thing the first weekend in Feb as well.

But as an update on Founders Day here is the latest I've heard on attendees:
Me and Shey
Luke and Vanessa
Aaron and Leslie
Michael is a maybe

And I'm sure we'll work up some more folks here soon.

tiger_patriot said...

I plan on coming and bringing Megan. It would help if James would send me a little more info. Also hopefully someone will answer the door or phone unlike the 3 times I went to the house and called during Hurricane Gustav.


James said...

I don't really have any details beyond the date yet, but I will definitely post things here as soon as I find out.

I do know there will be a golf tourney on Saturday, but not sure where or what time. I do know there will be some sort of banquet/ceremony which is typically on Sunday around lunch, but I'm not sure those details are set yet for this year. Since it is the 100 year celebration maybe there will be something bigger on Friday or Saturday? I'll definitely post when I know though.

And who is Megan and why don't any of us know anything about her yet? Did you mention something about getting married?

Anonymous said...

I'm going to try and make it as well. Girlfriend is more iffy than I am at this point, but I missed last year so I'm going to try my damndest to make it this year. Did anyone mention a trip to Philly while we are there? Love me some slot machines!

LCA said...

I think that Starkville is starting to grow on Vanessa. We went in Oct. to the Vandy game (our anniversary was that weekend) and she didn't complain. Now I am taking her there for Founders Day (Her birthday is the 24th) and she actually wants to go. I think that from now on I am going to just plan on taking her to Starkville when ever I get in trouble also to keep me in her good graces... on second thought, maybe we should just move there.