Friday, January 9, 2009

Playboy Mansion

New King of Wii Bowling,

I didn't realize you could score over 200, so it never occurred to me to exceed that number. Anyway, I can't let you get away without answering if you:

a) Went to the Playboy Mansion, and if so please describe your impression.
b) Came up with a reason not to go, and if so please explain why.


James said...

I do have confirmation here that the trip to The Mansion was aborted. I didn't get the reason yet, but I'm hoping to read about a magical tale of unicorns or something else that could possibly top this once in a lifetime trip.

John said...

Maybe he pulled a Nunnrey.

"I'll go if James goes."

Anonymous said...

John is somewhat correct in his assumption as I did ask James if he'd be interested in making the trip too. I wish I had a good excuse guys, I really do, but fact of the matter is I don't.

For those unaware, I was offered an opportunity to fly from Las Vegas to Los Angeles via a private jet where we would then be taken by limo the Hugh's house to party. After the party, limo back to airport and private jet back to LV. Cost to me....$0 I even had the thumbs up from my girlfriend.

Anyways I turned down the trip so that I could return to work the next day for an 11am meeting. For those of you wondering.....I did hear the next day from those that attended the trip that I missed out on a great time. Next time something like this comes my way I'll be sure to attend so that you may all live vicariously through me.