Sunday, June 28, 2009

JT's Reading List Review Kindle and Non-Fiction

OK, so most of my time, outside of testing 9V batteries (look at profile pic) I do a lot of reading and a little of Call of Duty gaming (PS3).

I also know that others on here tend to do a little bit of reading, too. So feel free to recommend anything.

First, if you are an avid reader and especially a frequent traveler, then I would seriously recommend the Amazon Kindle. It is convenient for reading as well as looking up shit on the web for free. One of my coworkers has one and calls it his Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and I can almost agree with that. Speaking of, decent book, but not worth all the hype I had heard pryor to reading. It was a quick read and mildly entertaining.

Now to the books.

NON-FICTION (not my most-read genre, but worth the mention)

John Adams (David McCullough)
Spectacular story of John Adams. I won't get into any of the details, because you can check out better written summaries on the Amazon link. But, if you like American history, especially around the founding, this is one of those can't miss books. I would recommend this one even to those not too much into history becaue it reads much like a novel.

1776 (David McCullough)
This revolves much around the story of the first year of the revolutionary war and is pretty much all about George Washington. I liked it enough to finish and it read much like a novel as well, but if you are going to only ready either John Adams or 1776, I would go with John Adams.

A History of the American People (Paul Johnson)
It has been a while since I have read this one, but still recommend it to anyone interested in American History. I do remember really getting into it and loved how it focused on interesting people since the founding and tell the story of the USA. I have read that it tends to have a conservative slant to the our country's history, but that shouldn't sway you one way or the other. Worth the read.

Basic Economics (Thomas Sowell)
There isn't really much you can say about this book that isn't good. If you are not much on general economic theory and really don't care, then you may find this book somewhat useful. Read this and then tell me if you think the recently passed Carbon cap-and-trade/tax bill will really be beneficial to our country.

Up next: Politically motivated fiction (anti-commi shit)

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John said...

I'm big on all things Thomas Sowell. After you finish Basic Economics, go ahead and knock out Applied Economics. JT, if you haven't read A Personal Odyssey, I say it's time. It's Sowell's life story.

I made James read Set Up, Joke, Set Up, Joke by Rob Long a while back. Long is a tv writer that does some humor stuff for National Review. I thought it was kind of entertaining.