Monday, June 29, 2009

AR-15 Build Update - West Coast

Similar to James, I am also waiting on my upper to arrive. I spoke to the company 2 weeks ago and they said it would be another week or 2 before it shipped, so any day now I should see a large sum of money debited from my checking account.

Here is where I stand thus far:

* Mega .223 / 5.56 lower receiver
* Rock River Arms lower part kit
* Command Arms SRS Sniper Stock with folding monopod
* Buffer tupe, spring and buffer from Model 1 Sales
* Not pictured - (3) Magpul 30rd PMAGs and (2) 10/30 magazines

10 weeks ago I ordered the Stealth Sniper System LT011 complete upper from Larue Tactical located in the dead center of Texas. Estimated arrival....any day now.

In addition to the above, I recently scored 700 rounds of ammo from Wal-Mart. After reading James' previous post The Hunt for Ammo, I too began stalking every Wal-Mart I came across for a number of weeks before I actually scored. After about 5 weeks of constant browsing, I came a across a Wal-Mart that had 800 rounds in stock so I purchased 700 of them (I would have felt guilty if I purchased them all). Pictured below are 500 of the 700 rounds.

I'm still wanting a red dot sight and some cool laser shit, but that has been put on hold as I am in the middle of purchasing a home. So for now I will just order some regular ol' iron sights from LaRue.

As soon as I get my upper in, I will be sure to post some assembly pictures as well as a few pictures of this beast in action. Stay tuned....

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