Thursday, June 18, 2009

Master of my Domain

Today I talked to this married guy I've known for a while and we caught up on the regular chit-chat and then I asked him how his family was doing. It's worth pointing out that this guy is around our age he's still relatively young. The family consists of a wife, young daughter and step-son (think he is eleven'ish). Apparently, the step-son is becoming a man...sort of.

Come to find out the mom has walked in on the son a couple of times to find him flogging the dolphin. In one situation, the son hadn't been home more than 5 minutes from school. The mom walked in his bedroom and saw the son completely naked on the bed taking care of business. Now that is a kid on a mission. Probably came running home from the school bus to release those inner demons as quickly as possible.

Anyway, now my buddy has had a sit down to discuss the new habit. His advice was to take care of business in the bathroom so he can clean up appropriately and not be hassled. And his advice to the wife was to knock before walking into the son's bedroom.

To you new dads...see what you have to look forward to one of these days? And if you knew this guy I'm talking about he is probably one of the last people on earth (except for maybe the naked leprechaun) I would want counseling me about my solo organ career.


DP said...

Hell I can barely keep Sam from grabbing his boys every time the diaper comes off already. "Boys" covered in poop or not you can rest assured first thing the diaper is off he's going in for a tug.

John said...

Did the father also advise to stay off the beach?