Thursday, June 18, 2009

What are your plans, Jeff?

Today I see the Ding special for Southwest is $38 one-way from Austin to Dallas. And as John pointed out in How many wings can we eat??? there is some work to be done to hit 20 Hooters in Texas.

The proposal:
Jeff, how would you feel about picking us up at the airport and driving us around for a Hooters marathon in the DFW area? By my count it looks like there are 14 locations in the region. My guess is we would not be able to hit them all, but I would like to put down a challenge to drink one pitcher of beer at each location and see how far we can get. Are you up for the challenge?

And happy b-day, Aaron H....when do you want to host us for the Houston marathon?


James said...

From Jeff: "Chinaman, I would welcome the challenge. How about today? The boss is out of the office and we were planning to hit "The Mothership" for lunch today anyway. Pick you up at the airport at noon.

If you do come to Dallas, though, don't miss the Hooters up in Addison. Legendary."

James said...

No can do today. The SWA special is over now, but doesn't mean we shouldn't plan for another day. I'll workshop it with John.