Sunday, June 28, 2009

San Marcos Wrapup

While y'all were working on Friday, Nunnrey and I went down to San Marcos to do some cleanup and repairs to our condo since the tenants had moved out. The guy with the tinfoil hat in the unit below is gone. That's good for us trying to rent this place out, but bad that we won't have any more stories about that guy.

I guess the old tenants didn't like smoke detectors.

If you can't tell, the jackass turned the battery around. At least he left that one in there, the battery was just missing from one of the others. We also braved the heat and played a round at Quail Creek Golf Club. Some nice scenery there.


James said...

Yall did some cleanup??? Or you paid someone to do some cleanup?

John said...

It's clean now, that's all you need to know.