Saturday, June 13, 2009

Backtoms: 1 Year Anniversary

Happy one year anniversary to Backtoms!

What have we learned in the last year?
  • We are over 300 posts strong. That is a lot of crap!
  • Guns and food definitely seem to top the list of things written about.
  • Michael C. must have a serious girlfriend since we haven't heard from him much in 2009.
  • We've had views on the site from 14 different countries
  • Some of the top keyword searches that brought people to our site:
    • backtoms
    • starkville sweet tea vodka
    • hattiesburg prostitutes
    • little brown crackhouse
    • hooters in mississippi
    • hooters passports
    • larue tactical stealth sniper system lt011
    • tweeder drank beer
  • If you have forgotten or never learned how to post it is quite easy. Here are some notes:
Here's to another year!

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