Sunday, March 1, 2009

The Hunt for Ammo

Yesterday, Shey and I went to the movies for the first time in over a year and saw Taken.  We enjoyed it and during the movie John sent me a text saying Wal-Mart (near our house) was out of .223 ammo for his new AR-15.  So after the movie I decided I would swing by a different Wal-Mart (near the theater) to see if they had any of the ammo John wanted.

Wal-Mart #1
We stopped at the Wal-Mart in Georgetown and to my amazement they did not have any .223 ammo except for one box of 20 rounds for ~$29.  Needless to say I didn't buy that, but thought what the heck...might as well pick up some 9MM ammo for myself since I hadn't replenished since my last trip to the range.  What do you 9MM ammo at all.  How about for my 40 S&W?  None of that either.

Wal-Mart #2
Now that we are heading back to the house I decide to stop at a different Wal-Mart in Round Rock.  Same results there...they don't have any .223, 9MM or 40 S&W ammo.

We get to the house and start talking about where we should hit dinner.  Shey suggests Carl's Jr. since Nunnrey gave us a gift card for Xmas.  Sounds great...I love that place and haven't had it in years.  The only problem is that it's in South Austin (we live north of Austin).  

Wal-Mart #3
Why we head down and I tell Shey that I need to stop and pick up some oil and a filter for my truck.  As we are leaving Carl's Jr (and it was as delicious as I remember it), Shey points out another Wal-Mart and says how about we get your oil there and see if they have any ammo?  Jackpot...they happen to have 9MM and one box of .223 JHP rounds.  So we pick up 5 boxes of 9MM (100 rounds each) and the one box of .223 (20 rounds).  The worker is amazed that I'm spending >$100 in ammo and inquires as to why I need that much.  I told him about my day and that I want to make sure I had enough to last a few trips to the range.

Since we're in South Austin I ask if we can go ahead and hit Cabela's.  Shey says sure and we head on down.  At Cabela's I pick up a small box of 5.56 ammo for John, but unfortunately they don't have any great deals on any bulk .223 in stock.  As we're leaving it dawns on my excitement at Wal-Mart #3, I forgot to get the oil and filter.

Wal-Mart #4
Next door to Cabela's is another Wal-Mart so we go ahead and hit it to pick up the stuff I forgot to get at the last store.  Since we are there we swing by just to see if they have any ammo in...they don't.

The wrap up...5 different Wal-Marts (remember John hit 1 too) didn't have the 100 round boxes of .223 ammo.  Only one had any 9MM ammo and none of them had any 40 S&W ammo.  John also hit an Academy Sports and they were out of the 9MM and .223 as well.  My advice to you...stock up.


Anonymous said...

Looks like you might also have to setup a little space in your garage and begin doing your own re-loads. There are lots of sites out there with info on this. Here's a quick one that I just found."

LCA said...

You can buy in bulk online... if you look around you can usually find some good deals. Remember, you get what you pay for. Wolf makes a FMJ round 55g that goes for about $8.50 for a box of 20. I have shot it once and it was OK. I have shot the 5.56 and am not a big fan, I just stick with the .223 Remington 55g FMJ's. Around here they go for $29.99 for a box of 50. Also, make sure that you get a box or two of balistic tips, more expensive but good for killin'. After all that's what these are for right.

James said...

Luke, where are you getting your .223 Remington 55g FMJ's? Sounds a little pricey to me ($29.99/50rnds = ~.60 per rnd).

I don't know the weight for sure, but we are looking for the .223 Remington boxes of 100 for ~ $39.99 at Wal-Mart for our range/target ammo.

And I think John just put an order in to Cabela's for 600 rounds of PMC 55g .223 for $239.99 with a dry box ($239.99/600rnds = ~.40 per rnd). He can pick it up at the store so there won't be any shipping costs involved.

Anonymous said...

PMC is decent ammo. I use to shoot the hell of out 9mm PMC at the range. I think John's deal at Cabelas is decent considering how damn hard it is to find .223 ammo right now. When I bought my lower the other day they did have boxes of 20 rounds. Cheap rounds were $9 a box, Remington FMJ's were about $20. My store also had a shitload of .40 ammo too. Any luck finding that in Austin? Also check out they have a little bit of .223 ammo in stock on there.

DP said...

I drove to 3 different Wally Worlds yesterday looking for 40S&W ammo and finally found some after putting the Blackberry to work and calling 3 more. Academy ended up having Remington UMC 250 round mega boxes for $75.

Only thing I've heard about PMC is it burns pretty dirty which will add to your cleanup.

John said...

I stopped by the nearest Wal-Mart last night on my way home to see if they had gotten anything else in, but they were still out of 9mm, .40, .45, and .223.

So what's the deal on that lower? Is it in stock, and you just have to sit through a waiting period?

LCA said...

Depends on what you are buying... reloads, standard loads or premium loads. 100 Remington rounds for $39.99 at Wal-Mart sounds like reloads to me. I was given 500 rounds of the preimum loads so I just stuck with that. I haven't bought any additional rounds with the exception of some balistic tips and tracers. Bought both of those at a gun show so I probably didn't get a good deal. Also, in my opinion you should support your local outfitters and not buy from the chain stores. You may pay a few dollars more but it's worth it to keep these guys in business.

Anonymous said...

John - Yes my lower was in stock. I ended up getting the Mega "Gator". I have to wait 10 days but it's mine and I can pick up on the 12th. It wasn't cheap though. After tax and transfer fee it cost me $300. I've also ordered a RRA lpk but it has yet to ship out. I'll be ordering my stock this week and perhaps an upper soon if I can figure out all the damn specs I want.

Anonymous said...

I should add that I purchased it from Cold War Shooters. It's originally a store out of El Paso but they just opened up a store not far from here pretty recently. I was there for 15 minutes and during that time 5 people came in all to buy parts for their AR-15s. This stuff is pretty damn popular and everyone and their mom's are searching for parts. Nice store though!