Monday, March 16, 2009

Best Running Back in the SEC?

Chris Low of has picked Anthony Dixon:
The decision to go with Dixon as the top guy is based on a couple of factors. For one, Mississippi State offensive coordinator Les Koenning told me recently that Dixon was having a very good offseason and was down around the 220 to 225-pound range and moving extremely well. Here's the other thing: The Bulldogs are going to feed him the ball next season. He's their only proven weapon offensively and is going to get a bunch of touches. Dixon has been overshadowed the last couple years by other backs in the SEC. But not next season.
Sounds good to me.  

Any of you want to share your predictions on the MSU run in the tournament?

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ryder said...

Yahoo had a couple good things to say about our chances of upsetting Washington. Personally I think we can make a run and I would love to beat Washington, Purdue, and UConn and have another chance at Memphis. I am sick and tired of the Memphis basketball fans around here saying "Oh, well y'all were our toughest game last year til Kansas." I wonder how much we could pay off these other teams to let us get our chance at redemption. Although it might be worse if Memphis was to beat us with their team this year, don't know if I could handle two years of trash, then it would be pushing the UT (Tennessee not Texas) bologna that I hear day in and day out. But it was great to finally beat the good ole "Floppy Cox" (sp?) at something.

If anybody is interested, Yahoo league #20029. Password is 12345. This is a 20 dollar league, so sign up if your willing to pay. Have about 25 in there right now and would love for some more. Paying the top 3 spots and probably last. Maybe if we end up with a bunch of people we can pay top 5.