Monday, March 16, 2009

Chicken Wing Party #2 Scheduled

And I'm claiming #2 since nobody else has yet...not sure what JT and Nunnrey have planned for their shindigs yet.

When: Thursday, March 19 starting ~6:00 PM
Where: Hooters of Round Rock

If any of you are in the area come on down and we'll eat wings, drink beer and watch basketball.

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msujameson said...

Forgot to mention, I already did the St. Paul Hooters party back on March 4th. Had to get it in since I am pretty much on the road the rest of the month.

The Mall of America Hooters manager was pretty cool. He was actually willing to do the wing party on a weekend for me if i needed it.

And I had to do my "My Name is Earl" moment and adhere to getting some good karma. They forgot to mark or take my wing certificate. I could have walked out with it and hit another store for 200 more wings. But, I just couldn't accept the potential bad karma by cheating the system. I just didn't have it in me.