Monday, March 16, 2009

Founders Day 2009

Alright, this trip is right around the corner.  Here's who I've heard from lately...any of this changed?

Luke and wife
Michael and gf
Me and wife
Nunnrey and gf
Brian J. and wife
Sean (haven't heard from still in?)

Boy Shay
Aaron H.
Ryder (at least the last I heard)
JT (unless Nunnrey is asking in which case he's in)

Never heard one way or another:

And the info for the weekend is here.  Do me a favor and update your address if you're not receiving your newsletters (obviously you non-lammas need not worry).  Also, there is still time to vote on the poll for John to bring das boots with him.  

It's sure to be a good time so make your plans and spread the word.  The first wave of us arrives in Jackson Thursday night and we'll be staying in Philly so we can make some money to pay for the weekend.  Then in Starkville, most of us will be staying at the Comfort Suites.  Contact me if you need more info.

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Sean Comeaux said...

I'm in. Me and fiancee to attend.