Wednesday, March 4, 2009

New England Observations

I've already pointed out the most obvious's frickin' cold.  I've moved over to the Hartford, CT area this evening and the low here is around 4 degrees tonight.  However, now that I've had the day to see some things besides the drive from the airport to the hotel I wanted to share a few observations:
  1. I've never seen so many Dunkin' Donuts in my life.  I remembered passing one last night so we were using that as a landmark to get our bearings this morning.  Not a good idea...Dunkin' is on every other corner.
  2. I've never seen so many Obama bumper stickers in my life.  I'm sure John and Luke would love it up here!
  3. Haven't seen to many cute females around.  Statistics show that the proportion of cuties compared to population determines how well I'll like an area.  Not so many here.  Not sure if it's because it's below freezing out or if it's because they eat too often at Dunkin' (see #1).  Or maybe it's a combination of both plus the fact that they have to bundle up for most of the year so their skin is all pasty white.
As you can tell...not too impressed.  Ready to get back to the 80 degree weather in Texas where I can shoot my Red Ryder BB gun on my back porch.  Too bad the forecasts show crappy weather here Thursday night and a possibility of ice Friday morning when I'm supposed to be flying out.  I'll be having Groundhog Day nightmares for the next couple of nights.

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James said...

Let Me Post That For You: Comment From Nunnrey via text

Correct your blog dummy, in that part of the country it's 'wicked cold', not 'frickin cold'. In MN they call those temperatures 'summer'. Suck it up, nancy.

P.s. I have family up in those parts...