Friday, May 15, 2009

Comment Notifications Update

Maybe you care...maybe you don't.  Back in March I wrote about the problem with Comment Notifications not being sent out for all new comments.  It's still a problem and I've seen it complained about on the forums for this product.  But being that it's free I guess there is no rush to fix it.

We do now know what the problem is and why you'll see comment email notifications from me, John, Michael (maybe others), but not see them for JT, DP, LCA, etc.  The difference is that if your email address is shared in your Backtoms profile then any comments you post will send the appropriate email notification out to everyone.  If your email address is not shared, your comments will post, but they will not send out the email notification.

If your comments are always great and you want to make sure everyone knows about them, here is how you can make them work for you:
  1. Go to the Backtoms site
  2. Sign in (if you're not already) in the upper-right
  3. Click your name/alias under the list of Contributors on the right-side
  4. Click Edit Profile
  5. Check the option to Show my email address
  6. Save your profile at the bottom
If you want to remain as anonymous as possible of course you may not want to do this...or you can do what John did by creating an email alias specifically for Backtoms.  I don't care what you do, but posting the update since I said I would.

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