Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Need a Team Name

So, Vanessa is doing some charity walk for breast cancer research and needs to come up with a team name. The best I can come up with so far is either The Motorboaters or Breast In Show. I told her I would probably get a few good ideas from you tards so bring it.


James said...

Twin Peaks

If you can touch them...they're real

Sweater Kittens

The Puppies

Dirty Pillows

Throw me something, mister

Make it Rain

Jiggly Wiggly

James said...

Will they have shirts with the team name? Some things would be funnier if so.

Sergeant ta tas

Meet Mary-Kate and Ashley

5,318,008 (type in calc and turn upside down)

Here for Beer

Designated Drinkers

Cunning Stunts

Good Game (and tell everyone your a coach during the walk)

Filled with Firefly

I Heart Boobies

Motorboaters Welcome

Support These

Aaron said...

Connie and the Linguist

John said...

Joe Francis Support Team

(I think Motorboaters is the best one)

James said...

Any final verdict on the name?