Monday, May 18, 2009

Most Disturbing Picture: Ugly Woman Edition

You'll remember last month Luke posted about my sensei and put a disturbing picture of him up. And as I mentioned, I found an old picture of our little Leprechaun that has some similarities. I've finally got it digitized for your viewing pleasure.

With permission from Sean (plus some edits so you won't vomit in your mouth), I present....The Naked Leprechaun:

If this isn't enough for you I have a slightly-less edited version here (WARNING: This may not be safe for viewing at your place of employment). No frank and beans are involved as this is more of a hunting-accident type of picture, but I still want to give you fair warning.

Back at school I remember we would zoom-in on this photo and tell people to look at the nastiness of 'her' crotch area. This would be followed by a quick zoom-out so people could see it was Sean. I'm laughing now just thinking about it.


Anonymous said...

Both versions are equally disturbing....yet funny as hell. Oh the good ole days.

There is another pic of Sean from a time when he choked on some Krystal and claimed to have fainted on his way into the restroom at which point he fell and severely cut open his head. I'll see if I can dig that one up....or the pic of him and "Big Steak" posing together without their shirts on.

James said...

Couple other things I should mention:

#1 - About a month ago I was watching TV and I heard Shey screaming WTF from another room. Come to find out she saw the backside of a Polaroid picture on my computer desk and decided to turn it over. It was the pic of Sean. That's what you get for being nosey.

#2 - This is a good opportunity for some of you non-posters to please post something to get Sean off the first page of Backtoms.

James said...

Oh yeah, and one more.

Nunnrey suggested that it would have been funny to make the link to the uncensored picture have a counter on it that said something like, "You are the Xth homo to click the link."

Yep, that would have been funny. Also means you must have clicked the link to know that it doesn't say that.