Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pirate Sighting

I did see one pirate on our vacation.  Rather than trying to take down our cruise ship he was actually on the plane with us from Newark to Rome.

My words cannot do justice to how dumb this guy looked, but I'll do my best to describe him:
  • He was with two other dudes (that were not dressed like pirates) and it sounded like they were speaking Italian.
  • He had shiny, black, leather boots on that came up to just over his calves.  The toes of the boots were pointed.
  • He had white tights on.
  • He had a black, ankle length skirt.
  • He had a tight, white shirt on with a black shirt over it.
  • He wore a black do-rag (more like Zorro rather than a rapper) on his head.
  • He wore long-dangling, mis-matched earrings.
  • He had a necklace on.
  • And for the best part:  His facial hair included a trimmed beard with the sides zig-zagging.  On the right-side of the beard he sported a line of hair that protruded up his jaw line almost to his side burn.  That side burn also had a line of hair that shot down towards his mustache.  His mustache extended to his left side burn.  
He sat across the aisle from me and I could not stop staring in amazement.  I'm still wondering if it is possible for him to live his life that way or if this was part of an elaborate joke or bet that he lost.

Unfortunately, this is the best picture I got of him.  I was a little afraid to try and get a better one since he could have easily tried to rape and pillage me.

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